why is good nutrition important?


Good nutrition is vital for good health, and good health lets you live life to the fullest.


Eating the best food for your body can:

  • Help you to feel better and give you more energy
  • Help you to maintain an healthy weight
  • Help prevent some medical conditions and assist in managing others
  • Improve your body's ability to fight infection
  • Help your body to heal and recover from surgery


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Kale, cabbage and rainbow silverbeet in winter sunshine.



'What's In Season', is a small representation of what is ready for picking in vegetable gardens in Strathalbyn and surrounds this month.  There is nothing better than ready access to you own freshly grown vegetables and herbs - its gets you outside, is great exercise, it gets your hands dirty, it cuts down food bills, is great tasting, and you reap fantastic nutritional benefits.  Get digging!